Introducing Y’s Blog: Entrepreneurship at WashU Uncovered

Welcome to our brand new Y’s Thoughts blog!  We are so excited to dig into the WashU entrepreneurship scene and share our findings with you.  For now, all articles can be found on our website, and soon they will be available on the Skandalaris Center’s blog as well as others that we will be announcing soon.


Through our posts, we hope to connect student entrepreneurs to other student entrepreneurs, explore the extensive St. Louis entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provide a link to resources available in that ecosystem.  True to our organization goal of building a community of current and future entrepreneurs, our student profiles will serve as an initial marketing boost to get new businesses off the ground. 


Alumni interviews will also be an important part of our coverage.  Stay tuned for stories that track the transition from WUSTL student to successful enterpriser, featuring valuable advice for students looking to get their feet wet in the startup scene.  


St. Louis has a wealth of resources available and offers various co working spaces at affordable costs, including T-Rex, TechArtista, Nebula and so much more.  We aim to make these resources more accessible and known in the WashU community.


Our hope is that this blog will serve as an additional tool enabling student entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action or grow their businesses.


If you are interested in getting involved or know of interesting St. Louisans or WashU alumni to feature on the blog, let us know and we will get in touch!


Thank you for the beginning of your support, and we look forward to watching this develop over the course of the next many months.


–Claire Savage

Y’s Thoughts Blog Editor-in-Chief


If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them!  Please direct all ideas and concerns to


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