Spotlight: St. Louis Ventures

When released their rankings of 2016 ventures, I could not have been the only St. Louisian to ctrl+f the term “Saint Louis.” Lo and behold, their are 3 St. Louis excursions all in the top 200 of 360 ranked businesses. I decided to do a little bit of research regarding these local ventures. You can read the full list at

At #151 on the list is Business Escalation Inc. Located in Clayton, this group provides a large variety of services for other ventures and businesses. From cloud services to business advising, Business Escalation Inc. seems invested in helping other businesses succeed. They provide advisers for practically any facet of a business,  their list of programs and services found on their homepage seems endless and impressive. Learn more at

Abstrakt Marketing Group clocks in at #39 in the rankings. They claim to be able to “leave you with quality appointments with prospects looking to work with your company, at a cost that’s less than one full-time employee,” and with their high placement on the list, this claim seems viable. Their homepage expresses commitment to thoroughly and productively marketing a business. If the first two businesses in this article are telling of anything, it’s that St. Louis is a good location for a start-up with numerous other ventures at your fingertips to help the business get off the ground smoothly. Read more about Abstrakt at

At #15, also highly ranked is Varsity Tutors, a tutoring business that claims to have helped their clients attend Ivy League universities. As a St. Louis Dispatch article says, the company was actually founded in an Intro to Entrepreneurship class at this very university. The company has drawn funding from prominent figures such as Adam Levine and has apparently been extremely successful according to the ranking as well as coverage from numerous new outlets. Read more at

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